Contract Work

Contract Work

If you’re a builder or developer and you're looking for a responsible, reliable concrete contractor that has the skills and set up to manage high pressure workloads whilst maintaining only the highest quality workmanship? 
Look no further.

Muscat Concrete has the complete set up to meet your concrete contact needs from start to end providing competitive rates with outstanding services.
Getting it right the first time 

As a builder or a developer the last thing you want to be doing is calling your contractors and asking them to rectify the work. At Muscat Concrete we will ensure no corners are cut and no jobs are rushed. Your reputation as a builder is most important to us because we understand the more work for you the more work you provide us so we can ensure you we will go out of our way to make the quality of your build stand out from the rest.

Already have a contractor? 

Like our work? Ask us about our contract work, we are happy to assess your work and give you our competitive rates. 

Why are our prices competitive? 

We own everything! We own our trucks, excavation equipment and our pumps. Nothing we use will be on hire so our rates can be as low as possible.

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